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Geometry Dash Cube

The Geometry Dash Cube dashes into LEGO Ideas!

What is it?
This is the cube from the well known musical platformer game Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash is a game made by Robtop (Robert Topala). In the game, players can build their own levels and play online levels. The levels are synchronized to the music, so the 1 button gameplay will have player click or tap on the beat of the amazing music tracks!

Why did I build it?
Geometry Dash is made on August 13 in 2013, so on August 13 2023 the game will celebrate it's 10th birthday! and what is a birthday without a big birthday gift? I have been creating my own levels and I have been playing thousands of online levels over the years that I have been playing Geometry Dash and I still love the game! After all the amazing experiences I have had, I think Geometry Dash fans, LEGO fans and fans of both deserve an amazing set to celebrate this great milestone!

Why I believe this makes a GREAT LEGO set
This is a must have for Geometry Dash fans, it's amazing for decoration and it has some nice features like figures of the gamemodes and headphones. These are references to the game. The set also has some interesting mechanisms, so it will also be fun to build!

References / extras / play features
Both sides can be opened with a compact system by just pressing the 2x2 tile above the openings. on the inside of the cube there are 6 figures featuring the other 6 gamemodes (the cube is one of the 7 gamemodes) that the player can play as:
  • Ship (pink base - pink portal)
  • Ball (red base - red portal)
  • UFO (orange base - orange portal)
  • Wave (light blue base - light blue portal)
  • Robot (light gray base - light gray portal)
  • Spider (purple base - purple portal)

The top of the cube can be easily removed to reveal the light blue headphones. Flip the top over to reveal 6 pins. the 6 figures have a hole in the middle of the base so they can be placed on these pins in order to showcase them on top of the cube. The headphones can also be unfolded and placed on the cube, this is a reference to the amazing music in the game. The cube can be displayed normally, but it can also be displayed with the headphones or the figures on top.

The build contains 1478 pieces and 0 minifigures, it was designed with Stud io and it took me about a week to design. The structure is focussed on stability and functionality, the cube won't break easily while being carried around and the play features inside the model are easily reachable trough both sides and the top.

Support my project and tell others to support too! Thank you in advance for your support! :D

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