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The Oxventurers Guild

These are a series of figures based on my favourite adventuring party; the Oxventurers Guild!

If you don't know of them, it's a group of gaming youtubers (Andy Farrant as Corazon, Jane Douglas as Prudence, Mike Channell as Egbert, Luke Westaway as Dob and Ellen Rose as Merilwen) who play a tabletop RPG together along with the fantastic Johnny Chiodini as their GM as literally everyone else in the world.

This is a podcast/ YouTube series that's very close to mine, and a lot of other people's hearts. They make tabletop RPGs (Something I wasn't interested in) so entertaining and accessible that somehow, listening to people roll dice and describe what they're doing, is an absolute joy!

I think even if people aren't familiar with the source material, they make for a great looking group of adventurers. For those who are, hopefully they think I've done the characters justice!

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