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Utah Monolith


This model was inspired by the Utah monolith that stood in a red sandstone slot canyon in southeastern Utah. The actual metal monolith, shaped in the form of a triangular prism and near a large crack in the rock, was discovered in November 2020 by state biologists who were conducting a survey of wild sheep in this remote area. It was covertly removed days later by unknown parties, but before then had caught global attention.

Why a LEGO MOC?  Because someone had to.

Also, it makes for a nice display model and maybe a talking point to break the ice with visitors.

The idea shown here aims to overcome the challenges sometimes found when attempting to create a LEGO structure in triangular form. The model's monolith is accompanied by a large boulder, seen in several of the widely-circulated photographs of this peculiar structure. The slot canyon walls, with a vertical "crack" in the rock are mounted on baseplates, along with the monolith and boulder.

Stop Press: At the time of submission, another monolith has appeared… this time in Romania.

LDD file available on request.

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