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National Park Adventures


Katmai N.P. and Everglades N.P.

Katmai National Park includes a bear look for fish in a creek.

Everglades National Park includes a boardwalk and an alligator.



Glacier National Park

I made another National Park. This is Glacier National Park and it includes a climber climbing the front of a glacier.

Hope you like it!


Yellowstone's Bison

I wanted to have animals with some of the parks, so I thought about Yellowstone and the bison. I thought making a bison would be a good update for Yellowstone. Yellowstone is home to the largest public herd of American Bison in the United States. There are now around three thousand bison in the park! Here is a picture of the bison in the park.

Here are some pictures of my Lego bison.(The grass and flowers are for display only!)



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