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Clash Royale


Hello everyone, welcome to my second Lego ideas project...Clash Royale- Enter the arena, That's right, a complete remake of the original game in the ever wonderful Lego bricks! What is Clash Royale you say? Clash Royale is a very successful game developed by the company SUPERCELL and involves players battling in real time. The game has made it to the top apps chart and because of it i have designed a Lego set in honour of the marvellous game.

First you might be wondering, where are the characters? My answer is I have sadly removed them. When designing this set I found it was too hard to manipulate all the details to the amazing Clash Royale standards. And also my apologies that the crown stickers are missing from the front of the crown towers, why? Yet again it was too hard to place them there in my 3D render so I have also left them out, hopefully you still like the set!

Enough of that, now onto the set itself, what is it? the set is a model of the Royal arena (Arena no.7) and the king towers and the arena towers. both king towers have a removable plate to switch with a rotating cannon to fight back the invading (invisible!) troops. (Sorry about the hole on the end of the cannon missing!). I believe this set would be a great display or play for any age. i have made this set because of my love towards Clash Royale and Lego, I figured combining the two would make it even better!

Thank you for reading, and if you like my set, please smash that support button, keep tuned on updates!




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