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The Owl House


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Explore the magic of the Boiling Isles with this The Owl House LEGO Ideas project! This project consists of just over 2000 pieces and includes LEGO versions of Luz, Eda, King, Hooty and many other series regulars! The build includes many different rooms from the show, including the main living room, Kitchen, Luz's room, Eda's nest and a storage room to store all the extras! The front of the model of course included the Owl House's iconic window and it's guardian and sentient door-knocker Hooty (Also included are some extra pieces to extend Hooty's neck as it can in the show). Luz comes with her Azura book, light spell glyphs and their subsequent light orb. Eda comes with her staff (Including Owlbert) a smaller version of her wanted poster and Elixir Bottles. King is complete as his adorable self. Amity, Willow and Gus all appear in their Hexside uniforms. Lilith also appears in the set with her unique staff too! The set also includes a brick-built Owl Beast Eda from the show, complete with alternate expression and hairpiece!

The quality of both the show, and the LGBTQ+ representation is astonishing to me. It's such a beautiful show and has very quickly become one of my favourites so it was a joy to work on this. Not only because of my love of the show, but also because the fan community is so welcoming and kind. I loved putting all the details into this project and I'm so excited to finally share the finished version with everyone!

This project was rendered in Blender with the Mecabricks Blender add-on. All decals and minifigure designs were made by me.

Hope you all enjoy :)

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