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Burj Al Arab


Flex Rods!

So, I mentioned before that I had trouble getting the flexible pieces to work, well I don't know if it was updated with that last LDD update, but they work now! So here are renders of all the main angles with those in place! Thanks everyone for your support!


The Awesomer Post!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a shoutout to The Awesomer, They recently featured my project in a post and I wanted to say thanks and give you all a link to check it out!

Thanks again everybody!


Rotation Video!

So, someone asked for more views/angles of this project so I decided to try something new! I've made a short video using 120 different renders to create an animated rotation of the build! It turned out OK! Haha, It's not centered well and whatnot, but not bad for a first try! Also, because I have a whole lot of renders, if you would like me to add an update with specific images from the video, just ask. I wont put up everything, but a rough time marker from the video would do. So here it is! Enjoy!

Oh, and because of limitations within LDD it is missing the bendy pieces, so you'll just have to imagine them extending out from the short little pieces left in their place. Sorry!


New render

So the original white render kind of blots out a lot of the detail of the white pieces, so i tried to remedy that a bit with a grey background. i didn't take the time to draw in the bending pieces again, but you get the idea. If you guys would like me to do renders from other angles let me know.

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