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Riva Classic Motorboat

The Riva Yard was founded in Sarnico on 1842 in the lake d'Iseo, Italy. 

The founder Pietro Riva was an expert shipwright but only in the late 1962 you can see the exit of the model I have reproduced, project deeply wanted from Carlo Riva an driven from the first time in the Exposition of Milan from Gianni Agnelli, the owner the Fiat in those times.

The main slogan of the time was: " sun, sea and joy of life!"

It is a pleasure for the eyes, an object of desire and a product of great class, a boat "must have" for all the people that love the spirit of a beautiful hand crafted wodden boat.

In my town, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, we have evey year the meeting of the Yard with boats of all the size models in production, but the Aquarama is the top of the beauty and style of all times, then I decided to reproduce it in Lego, as a model display of class that all the Lego lovers "should have" in their desk or their shelfes in front exposition.

After the Vespa and the Ferrari, why not have a boat as icon to represent the the Italian Style with a product that is world wide recognizable and loved? 

From Usa to China, to Russia to all the European countries, there is no place in the world where such hand made wodden beauty are not an object of desire. 

Have a nice view!

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