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Introducing PIZZERIA modular. The following is a summary work. 


■ Summary

Theme : PIZZERIA Modular

-Size : 255(W) X 285(H) X 255(D)

-Weight : 2.2kg 

-Brick : 2842 pcs

-Period : 2 weeks


■ Explanation

Concept of this work is the exterior design was old fashioned architecture  and the interior emphasized the charm of the Lego.

The color of this work was made by white and dark red color.

Made from modular series similar size, the product can also be combined with each other. 

This work was composed of three floor, each layer is possible to separate. 

Next explanation about each floor.


1st floor 

- Interior space is baking pizza place and toilet. Exterior space eat pizza place and delivery motorcycle        parking space.

2nd floor 

- There are six place in the center of the large hall. The interior lighting is also attractive.

3rd Floor 

- There are chef's house and the staff lounge.


PIZZERIA modular is possible using a variety of mini-figure diorama. 

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Thank you. Enjoy Lego life : )

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