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Metal Slug (SV-001 vs Iron Nokana)

What is?
It is a set based on the Metal Slug video game: sv-001 super vehicle from 1996, specifically in the fight against the final boss of mission 5.

Set specifications
The set contains two vehicles, the SV-001 and the Iron Nokana, as well as six characters: Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, General Donald Morden, a soldier, a pilot, and a "Thank you!"

Vehicle specifications
The SV-001 is a small gray tank that only fits one minifigure, I can move its two weapons on either side, and it's made up of around 200 pieces.

The Iron Nokana is a large reddish armored vehicle that has four projectiles on top, four columns that can be put on and off so that the vehicle goes up, when the vehicle is with the four columns you can put a compartment underneath to one minifigure, this vehicle has 4 seats and space for up to 6 more minifigures. the vehicle is made of approximately 900 parts.

Why did I build it?
Because I love the video game and it reminds me of playing with my cousins every day after school :)

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It would be incredible because if a set were made, it would give way to LEGO to make more sets of the Metal Slug saga and see amazing designs of the bosses of said video game.

Thank you very much for taking a little of your time to read this idea, if you liked it you would help me a lot by supporting the idea :D.

If you didn't understand correctly, I'm sorry, I used Google translate.

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