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The Secret Gold Mine

Four explorers staying in a cabin in the mountains have found a passage to a secret gold mine hidden underneath their bunk bed. The passage leads to a cave filled with skeletons and gold. The top level includes a cabin with an opening bunk bed, a chimney, and two crates. The bottom level includes a detailed cave with two rooms. The first room has exploding rocks and an exploding wall that leads to the second room. The second room has a crate of gold, skeletons, and a secret passage that leads outside the cave.

Includes four minifigures, a dog, and five skeletons. Measures nine and a half inches long, 5 inches wide, and 8 inches tall. PLEASE, Please, click the support button and please share with everyone. Don't forget to follow me, and please check out my other ideas, like The Jungle Cave. Thanks for the support.

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