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The Crown Jewels | United Kingdom


What is it:

By royal decree I proudly present to you, my take (MOC) on the legendary “Crown Jewels” of Great Britain. This 2597 piece (16 in. / 40 cm tall, 9 in. / 22 cm wide) LEGO crown display, is a stunning celebration of a lavish world of old – dating back to year 959-975. An homage to the age of luxe regality, and sustained royal traditions that have stood the test of time.

This build features a modular style construction, providing the royal LEGO enthusiast, an in-depth exploration of the ornate details, craftmanship, and incredible beauty which is solemnly and respectfully captured in this masterful work of jeweled art. The Crown Jewels display features undeniably sparkling and shimmering magnificence, which is discovered in three impressive stackable sections (representing the head, the heart, and the soul) of its bearer.

Each gem, jewel, and stone placement, and every precious articulated detail has been thoroughly researched, meticulously crafted, and strategically engineered to be represented in LEGO; in order to respect, honor, and pay grandiose tribute – with tremendous authenticity and regard – of one of the world’s most famous, beloved, and cherished, pieces of wearable regalia. It is my dream that this legendary display of royal history, can bring you as much joy, and wonder, as I enjoyed - while creating its opulence.

Highlighting the majesty of the illustrious St. Edward Sapphire (1649), Cullinan II Diamond (1907), Black Prince Ruby (1367-1415), and the Stuart Sapphire (1688-1838); while also including a reverent hidden homage and memorial tribute to the late and great Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) – this show stopping Crown Jewels display is sure to be the conversation piece, of all conversation pieces - to adorn your LEGO collection!

Why did I build it:

For almost 3 decades now, I have been fascinated by the splendor of stately affairs. The baroque era, Kings and Queens, the Royal Family, and all things boasting regality, have often perked my curiosity of fancy. In honoring my own sustained lifetime delusions of grandeur, I have often ventured to collect or at least ogle crowns of various designs, whenever they have crossed my path. I have yet, however, to find just the right fit, the right look, and the one that satisfies my deep desire to be surrounded by the finer things (royal accoutrement specific).

While I have explored and enjoyed observing crowns o’plenty hither and dither, including wonderfully designed, prior iterations – I decided that it was time to decorate my home with a LEGO (MOC) Crown Jewels of my own design, and illustriously creative interest.

I remember my very first introduction to the Royal Family was experiencing the shocking loss of the late Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997); while the television news and world were on standby in silence, and mourning, awaiting the understanding and explanation of her sudden passing. As a result of this international headline exposure, I became immersed in learning about the Royal Family, regality, history, and the formalities of the grandiose royals, while of course the Crown Jewels themselves; and I became hooked. – I myself, may or may not have been a blueblood ancestor of the Royal Family, in another life or so, but I may ne’er know. For enticement purposes, let us just hope it is true...

Why do I believe it would make a great Lego set:

Over the years I have loved seeing differing takes on The Crown Jewels of Great Britain worked out in LEGO magnificence – however, I wanted to create a display that was near, dear, and exemplary in my own heart and creative design mind, and so, here it is – in all its (MOC) lavishness! This display not only celebrates the Royal Family, Diana, and sumptuousness – but it is also a seriously stunning piece to behold. The luminous stones, gems, and metallic regality, adds glitz and glamour to any setting!

Alluring in its presence, I know that LEGO lovers of all ages, as well as the affluent decorator, will love, cherish, and relish this iconic and posh piece of history. Just large enough to make a strong and dazzling visual impact in any placement, and just petite enough so as to not overwhelm; my LEGO Crown Jewels will spark interest, marvel, and pay historical respect to a simply superb artifact, of international wonder.

The Crown Jewels feature:
  • 16 in. / 40 cm (height), 9 in. / 22 cm (width), 9 in. 22 cm (depth)
  • 2597 pieces
  • 3-section exceptionally adorned modular style build

In Closing:

I am thrilled beyond, to finally realize one of my most enduring dreams, of owning a genuinely remarkable replica of The Crown Jewels of Great Britain. And a build, out of none other than my perfectly beloved LEGO – well, I just could not ask for more! I hope that this LEGO IDEAS (MOC) brings a smile to your face, a glow to your heart, and a sparkle of astonished delight to your imagination. I too, hope soon, that its beauty can make its way into your own home, life, and happy building! Thank you for playing with me.

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