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LEGO Candy Dispenser


My idea is for a real working LEGO Candy Dispenser. It uses a simple pull-out design to dispense a small quantity of your favorite bite-size candy. It works great with M & M's, Reese's Pieces, and Skittles! It can handle slightly larger candies as well. Don't have a sweet tooth? It would also work with small nuts, trail mix, granola, or whatever you want to put in it that is not too sticky.

With an old-school black and red color scheme and a clear globe, it is a modern twist on the old classic candy machines. It looks great on a desk, counter, bookshelf, or even your coffee table. It would surely be a sweet conversation piece to add to your home or office. And because virtually everybody of all ages likes candy, this would also make a great gift for birthdays and holidays!

Dimensions: Approximately 10" H; 4" W; 6" D 

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