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Wrecksamus Max


On a distant planet on the edge of the Lego Universe, the cyber-beast Wrecksamus Max reigns at the top of the food chain. His desire to consume Lego bricks is rarely satisfied. This trait is equally matched by his cyborg partner, Wrecksamus Major, who's thirst for chaos is never ending. Together they are a formidable pair to any would-be hero.

This proposed set would work great with any space or sci-fi themes. In designing this figure I wanted  to make an "evil" type robot with dinosaur and insect like forms as influence. The large mouth could be filled with Lego bricks, where he could be imagined to "snack on" unused brick piles. Also, I wanted the minifigure to have similar features to that of the larger robot, almost a micro version of the larger beast. 

This proposed set features:
-Piece count 2281
-Multi-jointed legs, neck and tail
-Leg rotation
-Head rotation
-Hinged jaw
-Fold down side hatches to access cockpit
-Wrecksamus Major minifig

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Thank you for your consideration.

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