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French Classical Stage – The Molière Comedies


Gift for Valentine's day : the wedding ceremony !

Because all good comedies ends by a wedding and because it's valentine's day, I built a new stage set : a church for celebrating weddings ! I hope you will like it !







1/3 of the first milestone !

Already 333 supports for this project ! We keep going !


A sixth set : the front door !

Hi everyone,

I continue to show you the virtually endless possibilities of this project by building a sixth set with the same pieces : the front gate.

To put in scene this decoration, I recreated a small farce of Molière inspired by the Commedia dell'arte : Les Fourberies de Scapin.

I really hope you will enjoy this !




Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

This project can offert endless possibilities of built with a single set of pieces. To prove you that, I use the same pieces to built a fifth scenery : a balcony who make possible to play Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ! I hope you will enjoy this little display !







Show must go on !

Already 250 spectators have come to see our little theatre ! It's already 2,5% of the spectators required to make THE big succes ! So show must go on !


Already 200 supports !

Thank you all for supporting this project !


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