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French Classical Stage – The Molière Comedies


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Inspired by the look of one of the most important public theatres in France during the seventeenth century - the Théâtre du Palais-Royal –, this set makes possible to represent several major plays of the greatest master of comedy in French literature : Molière.


The main part of this project is the stage itself and, of course, the arc of stage with the curtain. The arc uses some Lego architecture building techniques to represent with the most accuracy the Palais-Royal's arc of stage as we know it from archive's documents. This is the very one place where Moliere has represented his most famous plays. Thanks to a few techniques pieces hidden inside the structure, the built is very strong and can be easily handled without breaking. At the back of the theater, there is a very simple mecanisme who makes possible the openning of a trappe on the stage. There also a little door who makes possible to stock extra pieces and minifigure's accessories under the stage. These pieces and minifigure's accessories come from the other part of this project.


Indeed, beside the stage, this set come with a secondary kit of pieces. Inspired by the rebuilt's process "3 in 1" from the Creator's modeles, this set of pieces makes possible to build several stage sets and accessories to represent multiple wealthy interiors : the « salon » who come with a sedan chair ; the scientist's cabinet with a telescope ; the diner's room with a table, an armchair and a carpet ; and the bedroom with, of course, the bed !


And finaly, this project come with at least five minifigures who represent actors and actresses. As real actor changing costume between differents plays, these minifigures can exchange heads, hairs and accessories to incarne different characters.


This project make possible to represent at least six of Molière's most famous comedy : Dom Juan, Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Imaginary Invalid (Le Malade imaginaire), The Learned Ladies (Les Femmes savantes) and The Affected Young Ladies (Les Précieuses ridicules). But, of course, minifigures and pieces can be used to build anything you want !


As a Lego set, this project can have several uses :

-Of course, it's a nice collectible piece who looks great when it is exposed on a desk, a shelf or a book-case. And the opportunity to change the setting and actors makes it possible to change the scenery according to our desires or our moods !

-The younger fans of lego can also use this set to play their own stories like a puppet show. Indeed, the project includes two transparent Lego bars who makes possible to move the minifigures from the outside of the stage without touching them.

-Finally, this set can be used with older kids in a pedagogic way to make them discover classical french comedy or theater in general. It's a really nice tool at the disposal of teachers !


Easy to expose, to play with and to rebuild, this set will make happy all kind of lego fans regardless of age or motivation !

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