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Mini Steam Locomotive


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All aboard the mini steam locomotive! Don't let the small size of this train locomotive fool you. It is full of big detail and clever building techniques. This locomotive is 4.2" long, 1.7" wide, 2.5" tall, weighs 2 ounces, and has 160 pieces. With a highly detailed exterior and even a conductor with interior control panel in the cabin, this small train captures the look and proportions of a large locomotive on a mini scale.

I designed this small locomotive because I was inspired by the idea, and I don't think mini and micro builds get enough credit. Building small is often more of a challenge than building big because you have to think about the usage of every single piece.

This mini steam locomotive would make a great LEGO set for the following reasons:
  • There are plenty of LEGO fans who like mini and micro builds.
  • Lots of LEGO fans enjoy trains.
  • This train wouldn't take up much display space for those LEGO fans who don't have much room.
  • Most importantly, even though LEGO has made many train sets already, there hasn't been one, this small, with this much detail before. For example, 30575 (LEGO creator train), 31015 (Emerald Express), and 40370 (40-year anniversary steam engine) are all quite simple compared to this highly detailed build which is roughly the same size or even smaller than those other builds. This set would emphasize how small builds can still have many details and textures.

As a bonus here, I have included a picture of this mini locomotive in real life. It shows the locomotive's size in relation to a LEGO minifigure. (Sorry, I don't have a conductor minifigure, so the police officer had to stand in).

Vote now for this mini steam locomotive, and perhaps one day it will be rolling into your LEGO collection! Choo-choo!

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