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Trolls's Assault Triceratops


1 - Why I build it ?

Like many I am passionate about the Middle Ages, the heroic fantasy and therefore inevitably, as a fan of LEGO, the line LEGO Castle.

Everyone loves castles and knights. And lot of people build great LEGO castles. But any King needs an opponent to his size to challenge him.

And it is always more difficult to make the "bad guys" attractive, to give them a real identity, to make them attractive.

What better way to make them dinosaur riders, handling gunpowder ? With the "Trolls's Assault Triceratops", reverse the balance of power. It is both (very) heavy cavalry and siege engine, the triceratops and his crew will defeat any opponent.


2 - Description and context :

Trolls in this set are from a nomad tribe excelling in two areas : the taming of dinosaurs and engineering. They build structures on the backs of dinosaurs and use powder cannons.

The Assault Triceratops is an autonomous unit, carrying with it all the food, consumables and equipment needed to fight.

Alone or in group he can face any enemy, counting on his heavy protections, his main cannon and crossbows allowing him to defend himself against any directions.

The ferocity of the triceratops and his crew also allows him to be a formidable melee unit.


3 – Features :

  • Trolls's Assault Triceratops is 12 cm high and 20 cm long.
  • The barrel rotates more than 180 °, additional bullets are stored in the chests on the flanks of the triceratops.
  • The crew consists of a pilot, a commander who serves the barrel and a crossbow shooter in a turret on the back.
  • Spears of shields and swords are spread over the dinosaur to arm the crew.


4 – To conclude :

If you like this LEGO product idea, do not hesitate to support it and give your suggestions in the comments section. And maybe we will soon be storming a fortress at the controls of a horde of dinosaurs !

This LEGO set is created as a totally independent model. Nevertheless, I have published two other product ideas that work perfectly with this one, I invite you to discover them and to support them if you wish.

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