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Would you like to explore the outer space?

Then you have to meet Mr. Galax and together live a thousand adventures with his X-Plorer.


How can we live on other planets and face the vastness of the universe?

The answer to this question is my futuristic creation, the X-Plorer.

Designed as a normal car to move on four wheels, the X-Plorer will get you to visit any planet!

But there’s a magic.

Step 1: the wheels disappear under the car

Step 2: the wings come out

Step 3: listen the rumble of a powerful turbine that comes out from the back

X-Plore the universe!


Thanks to its peculiar design the X-Plorer allows absolute playability, inspiring the imagination of adults and kids.

The X-Plorer is made out of less than 500 pieces.

It is 22 cm long and its wings spread out for a total of 22 cm wide. Its construction is an exciting challange.


I believe in the future and in the future of mobility! I dare you!

Design a machine with the same functions and send it to the facebook page:

Call your friends, your kids, your family.

Bring the competition to the schools! Even at work! Dare you colleagues!

I need your help to support this project!



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