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Old Truck


This is one of my brand new creations: an old 1950’s truck. It was created in inspiration of the mid ‘50s Chevy pick-up trucks. I’ve also respected the colors and the way they were used in these years. In fact, it was very common to see trucks with a white front grill, white bumpers and white wheels. When I’ve had that in mind, I’ve chosen the red for the rest of the truck because I thought that these two colors went well together. I also respected the side step design of the trucks to make it more real and more representative of the trucks from these years. My idea could come, if it reaches 10 000 supporters and that it’s done in a kit, with a man, a women and a dog. The environment of the set is more country and farm a little bit, two thigs that fits perfectly with my idea.

Well that’s about it! Thanks for looking to my project and don’t be shy to support it!

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