Product Idea

Terraria: The Destroyer

full set renders and new items


I have fully rendered all the images of the set, and have added some new things to it, such as the master mode exclusive deactivated probe and the destroyer relic! these edits will be published in 2 days.

some changes


in 29 days, when I can edit this, the titanium armor will be replaced with Spider armor (which I think turned out better than the titanium armor). I also have added a spider staff (with spider minion), fetid baghnakhs, an obsidian shield, and greater mana potions. I also made a render of the set to include with the submission.

details for crafting area


I will be adding some more details to the crafting area; dirt piles, rocks, a torch, and a bottle on top of the work bench, I just have to wait 30 days to submit an edit...