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Terraria: The Destroyer


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"You feel vibrations from deep below.."

In celebration of Terraria's last update (Journey's End), which was released on May 16, I have created The Destroyer out of lego bricks! In Terraria, The Destroyer is a huge mechanical worm and one of the first three Hardmode bosses. It can travel through the ground and fire lasers at the player.

The Destroyer consists of 14 segments (12 body segments, one head segment and one tail segment), and has four stud shooters; two on the head and two on the tail.

The set includes 3 characters wearing Mythril armor (with rocket boots), Spider armor, and Hallowed armor (with wings). It also has 2 NPC characters from terraria, the Guide (with bow and arrow) and the Wizard (with magic fire)

The enemies within this set are: the Wraith, a Blue Slime, two demon eyes, and three Destroyer Probes.

16 items are also included in the set: the magical water bolt spell (with a stud launcher), the Daedalus Stormbow, the legendary Excalibur sword, the deadly Megashark (also with a stud launcher), the Amarok Yoyo, fetid baghnakhs, an obsidian shield, a spider staff (with spider minion) a healing potion, two greater mana potions, three Hallowed Bars, and the master mode exclusive items; the deactivated probe (with mini destroyer pet), and the destroyer relic.

This set also has a patch of land with a wooden platform holding five detachable furniture items; a Work Bench (with a bottle), a Mythril Anvil, a Titanium Forge, a torch, and a Golden Chest to hold the hallowed bars. It also has two flowerpots containing a blinkroot plant and a moonglow plant.

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