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Wrigley Field - Home of the MLB's Chicago Cubs - Microscale

Back with minifigures by demand!

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest stadiums and home to one of the most beloved teams in all of Major League Baseball. From the ivy outfield wall and marquee sign to the scoreboard and Cubs billboard, this build is packed with all the signature details that help make this stadium so memorable. 

I have been a baseball fan all of my life and I feel that baseball could use a little more representation in the LEGO line-up. When I decided I would try my hand at bringing a baseball stadium to life, it was hard to get away from the idea of Wrigley Field.

After my first submission of this idea, I got a lot of feedback asking for a few exclusive minifigures. I wanted to start with two, although I could see including at least one more. As far as the size of the build goes, this build actually only weighs in at under 2,500 pieces, even with the minifigures, so there is room for many more. I did not want to specify which players just yet because the Cubs have too storied a history to just boil it down to just 2 players that easily. I would even like to change up the jerseys from player to player to get a more all encompassing look at the organization.

If you see anything that can be improved upon, let me know, and I will make the adjustments.

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