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Minecraft MicroWorld: Snow Biome & Snowy Mountain

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Hi, today I will be showing my interpretation of the Minecraft Snow biome, or also known as the Tundra! I hope you guys like it and if you do please support and check out my other projects!

It features:

* 4 micromobs (Diamond armor Steve, Snow Golem, Wolf and Zombie)

* 5 snow-covered trees

* 4 semi-frozen lakes or ponds

* A snow-covered mountain

* 4 caves

* And much more!

Closer look with Steve and the golem there . The red studs are red mushrooms (I though it was a nice touch) You may see that I gave a couple of corners a little bit of grass, just to make it blend in. Let`s move on...

Another closer look, this time from the back of the biome . Yep I made prints for them, don`t worry, I didn`t copy them from anyone, anyways lets move on....

Inside a couple caves! Oh hey look, butter! Just kidding. On this angle of the caves you can see water pools and lava pools, some diamonds and of course some gold!

Inside the other caves! On this angle you can see more lava, diamonds, water, butter, and I`m sorry I could not make all of the caves appear.

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Well that was it! Hope you liked it, and if you did please support!

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And please support my other projects!

Lastly, I thank IronManMk17 DH123, brickking31, StickCity, If26soda, Aydin2195 and Creatorj1 for suggestions and ideas!

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