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The hand-sized Holopad


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Hi everyone, and thank you for reading this resubmitted idea!

As most of you know, there are some ideas with hand-sized Star Wars builds (Anakin's and Darth Vador's lightsaber, and Han Solo's gun), so I decided to make one of my own, and the holopad arose! The first time this project was submitted, I received so much support that I decided to resubmit it, so a big thank you for all those that supported my previous submission!

Why a holopad?

Because if you want to play Lego Star Wars in big, you need to communicate with your alies!

What is this idea exactly?

Well, it includes;

- A holopad (with button).

- 4 holo images (general Grievious, a battle droid, Qui Gon Jinn fighting a droideka and yoda).

- A stand that holds the holopad, the four images, and a small holo communication table.

I also added colored pictures of the included minifigures.


Please support, comment (I love to read those), and when requested, i'll put the Lego Digital Designer file's download link in an update.

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