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The hand-sized Holopad


A better secret is approuching!

Hi there supporters! (and those that will support. Seriously, support!)


As some of u might remember, i was going to submit an idea for a hand sized death star plans. That idea did not work out well, and is canceled.

But! There's a BUT! (not mine though :D);

I am working on a scaled nebudcadnezzar from the Matrix trilogies! Since I attended university, my free time is reduced massivly, but I will work on it during vacations, days off, so it will arrive in the next year or 2!

I allready added a sneakpeek for u, enjoy ur day!

PS: For those that new my old account, I changed my name from 'fartfighter' to 'RMC's JCA' to match my youtube account.


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