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Adjustable Phone or Device Holder

With lockdown me and my friends have taken to video calls and weekly video quizzes to keep in touch, often these would last several hours, far too long to hold the phone.
Leaning the phone against household items doesn’t hold the phone at the right angle and never works if the charging cable is plugged in the bottom.
so I build out of my classic Lego Technic pieces an adjustable phone support which can swivel to bring other people in shot and also has angle adjustment to suit different locations and lighting conditions. 
I think it would make a great set because it is a simple set which children could complete during lockdown, it encourages more video calls, it can be adjusted very easily to cover the wide variety of phones, tablets and devices available and also with its gears teaches some basic engineering skills.
A step further might be to incorporate motors that with an app automatically adjust the angle and rotation of the stand to keep the user in the centre of the camera, or combine motors and voice commands to call the stand to you from across a room or table. 
This idea could be expanded to include partnerships with Apple, Samsung or any other technology firm, with colour matching and logo’s to suit the technology various companies. For example a white version with the Apple logo.
Idea originally posted by myself on Twitter May 12th 2020, 3:15pm BST @supertedworth

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