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Classic Tractor


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Grandpa's Tractor

/ 8K milestone edit:
/ A lot has changed since the last milestone:
/ First we have gotten some parts in new colors. Like the red corners of the hood that came with the small Vespa or the Arocs' wheels that were brought back by the Landrover.
/ Since it's now possible to be physically built in red i decided to change the livery. It is still brand neutral although there are some models from the 50's that come quite close.
/ The model now uses almost only recent parts. Only a few are rather old like the mudguards. Maybe that's something for the next update?
/ I have also built a minifigure version of it, you will find the instructions online.
/ Please keep supporting, commenting and sharing the project: We still need 2K votes and it's gonny be a tight race!

/ 5K milestone edit:
/ I have updated the title, pictures, and added some more functions and accessories.
/ The main changes are:
/ 1. title is now historically correct, since it wasn't my grandpa's own tractor i remember taking rides on!
/ 2. improved seat
/ 3. working cooling fan
/ 4. add hook and weight in front
/ 5. improved front axle
/ 6. improved hay turner and cutterbar
/ 7. added 2 way tipper trailer with haybales
/ 8. added model in minifigure scale
/ also check out the new video here:

This is a presentation of typical 1950s era tractors.
As a kid I was as excited about tractors, probably as many others were, too. In fact, some of my most impressing childhood memories include rides on the mudguard of my grandpa's tractor through the fields. My kids are into those machines as well, so I took that as a sign and decided to build one in LEGO.

I tried to come up with a machine typical for the time around the 1950s, for I feel it's what is the most characteristic shape for a tractor (imagine a kid drawing one: it will kinda look like those vehicles). This type of machine was in use all around the world, nowadays, these tractors are beloved vintage models.

I did some research about proportions, colors and technology. This way, I was able to boil it down to a stereotypical model, representing some of the most successful tractor models in the 50s.
Regarding the color scheme, I had a hard time finding my favorite. I also wanted to stay "brand neutral", but maybe that's something that still could be discussed. I ended up with two contrasting colors, as typical for many tractor brands.

I included some functions and accessories, namely the cutter bar and the hay turner.
It has a 3-cylinder motor and of course front steering. I wanted to have a good mix of functions and appealing visual appearance (I did not want to build a straight LEGO Technic model), so I went for some SNOT techniques for the body part and included some decorational details. This way it's good for display and for playing.

After building concept models in Studio, I got some missing pieces and built a physical model as proof of concept.

Here you will find a video of it:

With some new understandings about shape, stability and functionality, I returned to virtual modelling and finished it up without being restricted to available parts or standard colors.

Finally, here is some technical information about the model:
Total number of parts: 1534
Size: 38 x 66 x 17 cm (15 x 26 x 7") including trailer

I hope you like it as much as I do and give me your support. Also, I appreciate any feedback in the comments!

Cheers, pezzz

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