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Modular Miniature City


A small look into the train system of the Modular Miniature City

It has been a couple of months since I uploaded my Lego Ideas project and in that time I have been reading the many comments you guys left in the comment section, thank you all so much for your kind words! I did not expect to reach already more than 1000 supporters on my submission this quickly! Also, I have been asked a few questions regarding the train system and exactly how it works, so I decided to give you a closer look at the train:
On the left you can see how the minifigure hands fit tightly into the back of the headlight bricks. Only the tips of the hands stick out and will slide into the grill pieces that are used as railway. As long as you don't make the train to long, they will even be able to go through turns. Ideally, flexible elements of a very small size would connect the train carriages making it possible to make the train as long as you would like, but I have not yet been able to create that unfortunatly. Hopefully, this small update has clarified the train system for you and once more: Thank you for your support!

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