Product Idea

Fruits Band

The Fruits Band :

The idea started when my wife asked me to create some colorful items with lego for our newborn baby Tim who started to get attracted by colors.

I started with fruits then i got the idea to give each one characteristics, so i added the face and the legs, and finally each fruit became a character with a name. So we can imagine stories.

Members of the band :

  • Bob ( the tomato ) : Confident & Responsible
  • Mia ( the strawberry ) : Friendly & Relaxed
  • Timo ( the orange ) : Curious & Playful
  • Pat ( the pear ) : Sneaky & Energic
  • Hugo ( the ananas ) : Creative & Strong
  • Robert ( the banana ) : Calm & Sage

With The Fruits Band, you can create scenarios that will inspire your kid using their positive characters. Or just use them as decoration.

Hope you like my creation, any feedback is greatly appreciated.