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Orchid is a kind of beautiful and elegant flower, with bright or light color, and light floral fragrance.
It is loved by people all over the world.
I want to use LEGO Bricks to express the beauty of flowers, using suitable parts, to truly present the elegant posture of orchids.

In 2018, I completed the first version of the orchid design and went to the LEGO HOUSE Masterpiece Gallery to show it.
This year I finally revised the design, replaced new types of parts and overcome the weight and balance problems. The design of the vase is an enlarged version of 2x2 white bricks. First, there is a Sinocrassula Indica and seven white orchids bloomed. There are six orchid buds. It is very suitable for display in the home or other spaces, adding texture.

Thank you for watching and hope you will give it to SUPPORT.

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