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Modular School


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This is my latest project, the Modular School. 


This is a place for all the children of your Lego cities to get their early education. It is designed as a elementary school, but as it doesn't specify it can be used as a High school.

The ground floor is the office and canteen. There is a secretaries office, the principals office and the canteen. The canteen is serviced by a window out the back and they serve sandwiches bananas and ice cream.

The first floor has the first grade classroom and the toilets. In the classroom there are three desks for students and one for the teacher. The chalkboard has the letters ABC and there are three posters on the back wall.   There are two toilets, and a trough sink.

The second floor has the second grade classroom and the library. The classroom has five student desks and one teachers desk. The chalkboard has the numbers 123, and there are three posters on the back wall. The library has a computer and three bookshelves.

The attic is filled with spare chairs and desks. Some of the desks are broken. A child has also made a hideout among them.

There is 2802 bricks in this model, but they could easily be cut down by around 100.

Please support and follow.

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