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Swimming Pool


A family has just arrived at the public swimming pool and have parked their bicycles in the Bike Rack. Two people are waiting at the bus stop to leave after their swim.

Inside the pool there is a mix of modern and classic features:

Modern - swimming pool, diving pool, Jacuzzi, shower and foot wash

Classic - cubicle style changing room, upper floor spectator gallery, high pitched glazed roof with a support structure

Within the pool area are a set of water polo goals, equipment for scuba diving training and rails for towel hanging. Poolside ladders and clothing lockers are provided. Lettered areas at poolside would be pool depth indicators.

At the rear of the building are 4 ATMs and on the roof there is a lightning rod.

The architectural style of the building takes inspiration from the Victoria Baths regeneration project in Manchester, UK.

This is a modular model designed to be compatible with others in the creator series.

Dimensions - The model is on a 32 x 48 base area and there are 13 full minifigs and 3 half minifigs in the pools. There are 2682bricks.

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