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The Wizard's House

Every fantasy medieval town needs a wizard, and the wizard's house provides a cozy home for this powerful magic user! Featuring advance building techniques in stucco, thatched roof design, masonry, woodwork, and water effects, the wizard's house is a two-story residence that fits in perfectly in the heart of every medieval display!

The model is designed in the dynamic style of medieval buildings with multiple levels, featuring a rooftop observatory, potions brewery and multiple "stained-glass" windows!

This model was featured as a part of a story; for more pictures, check out the link below!

The Wizard's House fits in nicely with any castle creations! Place it in the middle of town, in a spooky forest, or behind a mighty castle wall; the choice is yours!

Closeup of details: Note the transparent water effects, the masonry, "worn stucco" effects, and the stained-glass effect in the windows!

Interior Ideas: This is one prototype of a building interior; it features mosaic-made carpet, magical supplies, a custom coat rack, and a table setting with a full meal!

The Wizard, some knights and a town dweller in front of the house from an alternative angle.

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