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Disney Amphibia: True Colors


Color Changes and Updated Articulation

It's been almost a year, but I finally got around to making a couple of modifications to this design. The most prominent change is the colors, some of which were changed due to the previous colors no longer being in use and to also make the designs more accurate.

I also changed Andrias' elbow joints to ratcheted hinges and swivels instead of ball joints, which should improve stability as well as offering a slightly improved range of motion.


100 supporters and some possible upcoming changes

Well, like the title said, this project has reached that first milestone of 100 supporters. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this far but we're also only 1% of the way through, however, we have over a year to share this project around and help it grow.
Also, I've already started reengineering certain parts of it like adding a bicep swivel to Andrias' arms (pictured below). However, I can't guarantee at the moment that any of these changes will be integrated into the actual project.

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