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Disney Amphibia: True Colors


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"Ready for one last adventure?"
The many iconic moments of the shocking and heartfelt finale to the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia can now be recreated in LEGO! With its impressive lineup of lovingly designed Minifigures and brick-built figures, this character-focused playset/display piece style product idea is sure to enrapture fans of the popular and critically acclaimed cartoon.
The set consists of approximately 2,800 pieces and includes the following:
  • 5 Brick-built figures:
  1. Hop Pop Plantar with 2 swappable pairs of eye tiles (half-closed and open), 3 swappable mouth tiles (open, smiling, and screaming), and articulated arms
  2. Polly Plantar with 3 swappable face tiles (smiling, confident, and crying), flail, dagger, and removable legs
  3. Captain Grime with articulated arms and warhammer (includes swappable energy effect pieces)
  4. General Yunan with articulated arms, legs, and tail
  5. A colossal 2,500+ piece King Andrias that stands approximately 33 centimeters (13 inches) tall and includes 2 swappable pairs of eye tiles (half-closed and open), articulated jaw, arms, wrists, fingers, and tail, along with his laser sword and the Calamity Box
  • 5 Minifigures:
  1. Anne Boonchuy with 2 swappable expressions (confident and powered-up), armor, sword, tennis, racket, swappable hair for her powered-up mode, and 2 energy effect pieces
  2. Sasha Waybright with 2 swappable expressions (stern and maniacal), 2 swords, and hood
  3. Marcy Wu with 2 swappable expressions (smiling and crying), crossbow, potion, and hood
  4. Sprig Plantar with 2 swappable expressions (excited and crying) and slingshot
  5. Lady Olivia
My inspiration for this project came not only from my love of the show but also from the unique challenge of recreating its distinctive non-human character designs on a Minifigure compatible scale; so rather than choosing to recreate a specific location or vehicle from the show, I decided to base it on an iconic episode that allowed me to include as many characters as possible. I like to think I succeeded in this endeavor, from the pint-sized attitude of Polly to the aggressive posability of General Yunan to the gargantuan majesty of King Andrias; and I believe that the time and effort spent engineering these models will be evident enough in the final product that this set will appeal to not just fans of the show, but people who just want an interesting build as well. Also, the variety of parts, colors, and unique prints it includes should make it appealing to builders looking to beef up their inventory. Finally, Amphibia is a show that's popular with kids and adults due to its absurd and occasionally dark sense of humor, unique and fantastical setting, and complex characters and relationships; meanwhile, this set combines accuracy and playability in a way that, just like the show, should make it attractive to people of all ages.

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