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Tony Stark's Mansion


"Here's my home address: 10880 Malibu Point, 90265. I'll leave the door unlocked." 

You probably aren't a billionaire like the beloved Tony Stark but now you can feel like one. This creation is just the thing you need in order to complete your Iron Man Lego collection. You won't only be able to say you have access to the mansion itself, but also Tony's basement which all of us fans have only imagined having access to. This idea would give people more of things they can't get enough of; Legos and superheroes. 

In designing this set I had imagined that it would include four Iron Man suits to fill the hall of armor. One being the Mark I suit, one being the silver Mark II suit, one being the Mark III classic suit, and another being the suitcase suit featured in the second movie. Of course Tony and Pepper would also be included and James Rhodes as well. I included all of the major features of Tony's basement and altered the roof so that it would be closer to the size of a typical Lego building.

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