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Rocky: Going the Distance

In the 1970's, Sylvester Stallone was a no-name actor struggling to make it by. This all changed when he wrote the script for a movie called Rocky. Insisting he star in the leading role, Rocky propelled Stallone into being one of most ubiquitous action stars of the 1980's. The film won best picture at the Oscars and went on to spawn eight more films. This model aims to capture the final fight of the film that started it all, between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed.

  • The set uses approximately 600 pieces. Capturing the essentials of the scene with a modest piece count to keep the price reasonable.
  • The boxing ring uses actual ropes and a suspension system, making for a unique build.
  • The center of the ring is piece 69958, stickered here to illustrate how it could be printed.
  • Two large banners are included, using 8 x 16 tiles. These could obviously be made into a closer representation of the banners from the film if made by a professional artist for a set.
  • The bell that signifies the end of each round is included.
  • There is room around the ring for additional minifigs, such as Pauline, Adrian, Mickey, and Little Duke, to round out the Rocky cast. Of course figures from the Lego company would better represent the characters from the film!

Rocky's 50's anniversary is in just two and a half years, in 2026. If this set can make it to 10,000 supporters this year we may be able to get a Lego model just in time for the 50th anniversary of the iconic film that started it all. Thanks for taking a look!

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