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Expedition Truck


Interior shot and 1000+ supporters

This project has reached the milestone of 1000+ supporters which is - simply great =)

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Only 51 days left

Dear LEGO Ideas community,

so far more than 900 people have voted for this project. Now there are only 51 days left to reach 1000 supporters. If not this project will be disqualified. Please support and share this project with your friends or online communities!

What changes do you propose to be made on the model / set? Do you wish for any updates?



Staff Pick

I was very proud to see this project being "Staff Picked" this week.

Thank you all for your support and your comments!

Below you find a size comparison of the expedition truck and Lego City 60058 SUV with Watercraft. They go well together, don`t you think?

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Thank you for 400+ Supporters!

406 people have supported this project so far. Thank you all for your support and your comments!

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Steering and rear differentials

I reworked the chassis of the truck. I managed to implement a HOG-steering function for the front axle and differentials for the rear axles.