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Desktop Dinosaurs

Featuring My Family's Favorite Dinosaurs
Almost everyone is familiar with dinosaur "A-Listers" like Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and (of course) Tyrannosaurus Rex; you may even have built or bought several of them in prior Lego sets. Here I wanted to display an eclectic collection of slightly-less-popular dinosaurs in the hopes that they'll be featured in their own designer Lego set and grace your desktop or bookshelves soon. They're some of my family's favorites. All three of them are from the late Cretaceous era, some of the last of their kind before the dinosaurs went extinct (minus modern birds, of course!) I present:
  • Ankylosaurus (Ankylosaurus magniventris, or "Great Belly Fused Lizard"): This is my favorite dinosaur! 25-feet long and armed with an array of spikes and a devastating 2-foot-long clubbed tail, this dinosaur took on T-Rex hunters and made them turn tail and run!
  • Parasaurolophus (Parasaurolophus walkeri, or "Near Crested Lizard"): This is one of the most distinctive-looking "duck-billed" dinosaurs, and scientists are still debating whether their long crest was primarily used for visual display, communication, or thermoregulation. Either way, they look beautiful!
  • Pteranodon (Pteranodon longiceps, or "Long Headed Wing Without Tooth"): These massive fliers boasted a 20-foot wingspan and plunged into the water to catch a beak-full of prehistoric fish. (Spoiler alert, Pteranodon is not truly a "dinosaur" in the scientific sense, but we love it anyway.)

I loved designing these dinosaurs for my kids, especially using so many yellow bricks! I think Lego's yellow bricks offer some of the best variety between modular and construction elements--it was fun to take them for a spin in these builds. I hope you enjoy the designs, and maybe even learned something!

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