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Punchy Puppets

A pair of interactive "puppets" based on a similar toy idea from the 70's-80's. They're small enough in design for a child to play with, while being customizable enough for anyone to enjoy!

I remember having a version of this as a child, a lime green and yellow alien, that I had a lot of fun with. It was fun to play with and (honestly) annoy my family members with, but would have been a lot more fun if I had a pair that could fight. In remembering this idea, I built this but with an extra element that allowed a 'winner' of a fight with the knock-back head.

It's simple mechanics allow for the 'fists' to reset which let's the player's keep their guard up. The head knocking back is easy enough to reset as well to let the game keep going without much interruption. The 'shooter' element makes for a safe-to-play-with (do not aim at face!) boxing glove. A simple base would allow for display, and the extra 'belt' accessory could be placed with the winner until the next round!

I think this would be a great little Ideas set as it's a quick a fun set to play with! I've challenged many people, both young and old with my prototypes, and it's always been met with a smile and a laugh!

The ability to customize the characters would allow people to make a version of themselves or some pop culture character to keep the challenges going! Initially, the characters could be fairly generic in a 'Go Brick Me'-vibe from Brickheads.

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