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Downtown Museum


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Welcome to the Downtown Museum! A perfect addition to your Lego Modular City.
There are loads of references to other themes, sets, and real-world museums!

Groundfloor- Museum Logo painting, Ticket Office, Giftshop, Break Room (museum staff only)

First Floor- Art gallery, 2 Helmets, Statue, Coin, 2 Flags and shields, Model of a castle, Floor arrows guiding visitors the right way of visiting the museum.

Second Floor- Dedicous forest model (with animals), Penguin, Human Ancestor Fossils, Evolutionary Model, and a skeleton compared to a skeleton of a person with gigantism

Roof- Air vent and A/C unit

The Set Comes with the following Minifigures (Right-left):
Baby, Baby's Grandfather, Museum Gift Shop cashier, Child, Child's Mother, Museum Receptionist

Reference List:
  1. Lion Knight's Castle, set 10305, is a model on the First Floor of the Museum
  2. Helmets, Flags, and Shields of the 2 factions from the Classic Lego castle theme on the First Floor
  3. Antipa Museum, Dedicous Forest Model on the Second Floor (Not a replica of the museum, just inspired by Grigore Antipa's work)
  4. White Croissant being eaten by a rat is a reference to the Parisian restaurant 10243
  5. The Blue Bird is a reference to Police Station 10278

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