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Astroneer Base


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Astroneer is a game currently in development by System Era Softworks which lands a lone astronaut on a planet. With just a landing pod, 3D printer and a drill tool to gather raw materials the astronaut must collect the necessary materials to build the other modules and vehicles required to make a functioning base. Eventually building everything they need so they can fly off to other planets.

The set shown in the main picture uses 1357 pieces to build up all of the modules and playing pieces. Short flexible connectors allow you to connect the modules. The main picture shows just one way in which they can be connected, you can arrange them however you like.

This set captures the  look and concept of the game but the modules are of my own creation. For example I considered the problem of collecting water and oxygen and came up with the Atmospheric Condenser to collect water and the Electrolysis machine to split it into hydrogen and oxygen. Which also gave an additional power source from the Hydrogen powered generator. The Smelter refines the collected ore and produces a single block of titanium or lithium for every four pieces of ore collected. Hydrazine is similarily processed by the fuel condenser.

The habitat is my also own design too - I have always wanted to use those corner pieces.

It is not intended to be a copy of the game, however, it takes the key elements and creates a set you can either use to make complex looking bases or be play with as a game. Dice are included to determine what materials you find when mining, one dice for the common resources of resin and compound and to determine if you found nothing or a rarer material (the second dice for titanium, hydrazine or lithium.)

If you owned two sets and you could have a space race with a friend. It could be played as a solo game if turn limits were set to complete action, such as have the water splitter in 30 turns. I will investigate game play and provide rules updates.

There would also be rules on the order certain modules could be built - the ascent stage only after the fuel condenser was made, Buggy after the large 3d printer, Truck after Buggy, etc.

If you like this idea please support and tell your friends. Thank you.

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