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The Hobbit: The House of Beorn


"I Bid You a Fond Farewell!"

Well, it's been a great year, and I've been pleased, and impressed/surprised by the amount of supporters I recieved. I hadn't expected half as many! While I'm dissapointed I haven't achieved the goal, I am as happy as a designer can be. Thank you all for helping to get to this number, and I look forward to seeing you support the possible redesign!


Rendered Picture

A rendered picture, By Wipeoutzone. 


63 supporters+New project!

Thanks to all of you, I've attained 63 supporters in the few days I've had it posted! I'd like to thank all of you, and to announce a NEW project I've created; The Battle of Azanulbizar! You can find it at, or on my projects page.

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