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Minifigure Collection Stage


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For those collecting LEGO Minifigure series, the only way currently to display them are in a Minifigures Collection Box (852820), on the included 4x3 base plates, or placed in an existing LEGO scene.

The current display techniques are limited in their functionality. The collection box only hold 15 Minifugres, where the current series include 16 Minifigures. The included base plates do not connect together, nor do they signify a complete series/collection. Placing the Minifugres into other LEGO scenes certainly is fun, but still does not reflect the fact that each group of 16 is a distinguished collection.

This Minifigure Display Stage not only presents each series/collection as an assembled group, but also provides a scene and insignia. I picture this scene as an award ceremony (though Deal or No Deal also comes to mind). The monochromatic stage is elegant, and accented with red base trim and "carpet" for the Minifigure stars. The front banner is comprised of letter tiles and the 2x2 LEGO logo tile. There should be enough letters to at minimum spell "MINIFIGURES SERIES", 2 quantity of every number, and possibly an option to either includes (or make available for purchase again) extra letters and numbers,

The entire stage measure 32x16. The red carpet areas for the Minifigures are 3x18 for rows 1-3, and 2x18 for the 4th row. Underneath the stairs is open and available to discretely placed items (such as a janitor's broom and trash can, a cat, etc.).

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