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Asajj Ventress's Trident-class Assault Ship

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This is the Trident-class Assualt Ship that is seen several times throughout the Clone Wars TV-series. It makes it's first appearance right in the beginning of the Clone Wars movie where Ventress uses it to attacks a sail barge on Tatooine to kidnap Jabba's son Rotta. Ever since I saw this scene I've been hoping for a Lego set.

Another set I've always been hoping for is a Seperatist Tri-Droid. There's one the in the Utapau Battle pack but that one isn't all that great. So please check out sepsymp's Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid and support it.

The basis for my design came from the version that appears in the Lego Star Wars III video game.

I included a Ventress minifigure wearing a hood.
I never liked the face of the previous figs of her. I made some small adjustments, so she doesn't look like a frog anymore.

^ Trident attacking a sail barge ---- ^ Asajj's Trident on Christophsis

Trident ships attacking Kamino.


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