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World's Smallest Cello

The Cello. An amazing classical instrument expressed in the form of small plastic bricks. It began as just a simple afternoon project, but then, after seeing how it turned out I had to share it. I am a cellist myself, so I have a lot of knowledge of it's shape and mechanics. This is the main reason why I decided to build this. Overall, I think this would be an amazing Lego Set because there aren't many music themed sets and this set focusses exclusively on a classical instrument. I Think many Lego/music fans would love this set because of how detailed the build is, and because of the type of instrument it is. The build also features some more advanced building techniques that I believe more skilled builders would love, but overall the build isn't overly complicated so anyone could enjoy building this. 

The build includes the cello and a stand for the cello so that it can be easily displayed.

The stand is made up of 20 pieces.

The Cello is made up of 81 pieces.

The total is 101 pieces.

Because of the relatively low number of pieces, many Lego fans who prefer smaller builds would really like this as a set as well.

Overall, the set is unique and would appeal to many different crowds. 

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