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Sci-Fi Space Soldier


First of all, the main image contains my entire creation. The baseplate the soldier is standing on would really be an 8x10 light gray plate if this was a set, but unfortunately I do not have one, so I took a picture on a gray baseplate. The end of the gun is slightly cut off, but you know it is a torch piece, so I don't think that is a problem. I have already taken this apart, so I cannot retake the picture just to get the gun slightly less cut off. I have used as proper capitalization as I know how in this.

I built this becasue I like sci-fi. I think Lego needs more mech style things.

This, like many other things of mine, is a small test. This is a proto version of a sci-fi soldier I made a few years ago. It has improved legs, arms, and helmet, all of which can move realistically. This is the blue soldier in a squad of sci-fi soldiers which is the character selection in a game I am making. It has a laser blaster and a lightning gun, and a teleporter to get deep into space. This project is just to see if anyone will support this style of building mechs/soldiers. 

If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear it (be honest please).

I will not be uploading instructions for this yet, since it is a design and work still in progress, which I will upload later as a full game. This means I must ask you not to try to build this (I guess I cannot stop you, but just please don't. I guess if this miraculously becomes a set as it is I would need instructions, but I highly doubt that.)

Thanks for any support or feedback.

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