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Medieval Blacksmith & Armory


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Welcome to the fourth part of my medieval village: The Medieval Blacksmith & Armory!


•             Swing open the roof of the blacksmith lodge to get access to the workshop

•             Forge swords and armor by using the forging furnace, anvil and grindstone

•             Swing open the roof of the attic to access the leisure area

•             Take off the roof to reveal the inside of the armory and get metal equipment

•             Untack blacksmith and armory to get two modules

•             Add the staircase to the armory and place the two modules separately

•             Serve the customers inside of the armory

•             Use plenty of accessories to practice your handicrafts


  • Blacksmith
  • Forger´s assistent
  • Customer male
  • Customer female
  • Two statues with knight´s armor


  • Mouse
  • Magpie

Part count:  1137

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