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A few more LDD pics before I build the REAL DEAL

Before I build the physical model, I thought I'd run through the project and update a few more things. I'm quite pleased how it turned out!

Here is a full picture of the updated project. I guess the overall theme of this update was to reduce the "flatness" of the sedan and limousine's hoods.

Here you can see what I mean. Abra Cadabra! The limousine now sports a more rounded front hood and trunk!

The limousine again, this time without the fender flags. I think it looks more realistic this way. :D

Here is the updated sedan, complete with a silver metallic hood ornament. Not pictured is the follow-up SUV, which I updated as well by hollowing out the trunk area to add space for various objects, whether it be a K-9 security dog, paparazzi cameras, band instruments, or secret agent gadgets!

Thanks for the views and support! Also, be sure to check back soon for pictures of the Motorcade in physical LEGO form!


A new picture and an update!

This is just a minor update for two reasons. First, as you can see in the above picture, I tweaked the limousine a bit by adding a set of front windows to give the front doors a bit more stability. Also, I wanted to say that as soon as I gather all the necessary bricks, I will build a physical model of the project and post some quality pictures of it here to make up for the LDD images. (Don't get me wrong, LDD is great, but there's nothing like seeing your project in the, brick.) Stay tuned!

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